Video Games are Changing America
Created by Thaer Abuhadid

Video games are the new "thing" to do in this current generation. It has grown in popularity and industry wise as the graph below shows. In 1972 the first video game called Pong; a 2D simple video game was released from Atari and immediately gained popularity. On that day video games would forever change America. When people have quarters to spend they spend them at arcade places. Graphics of video games have changed as well, from 2D no color graphics to 3D real life looking graphics.
Positive Effects
Most importantly the United States of America's society has changed dramatically in a positive and negative way from video games. Positive way video games have changed America because they keep some kids out of trouble. Before video games, many children used to hang out at each others houses but today kids play online on a daily basis as a team, not to say kids are all trouble makers. Video games make people be their own character, were they can control characters and do what ever they want to do. Today their is a new sport called Major League Gaming (MLG), the top players of video gaming face off for hundreds of thousands of dollars in competition's. This sport is gaining popularity all over the world and may someday be an Olympic sport. Another positive impact is America has gained millions of jobs from the gaming industry and improved economically. The game industry is rapidly catching up to the movie industry and music industry as well. A great example is Halo 3, on the first week of release it sales were over $300 million. It blew away the sales records for the video game industry. Even though video games have some great positive effects on American society, it also has some negative effects as well.
Negative Effects
On the other hand there are negative effects on America’s society as well. One example would be the health issue of people who don't get daily exercise because all they do is play video games all day. An example would be of people who play football games, instead of playing football in real life some people sit and play a football video game like Madden. I myself have to play video games at least once every other day because if I don't I get stressed out. This brings up the issue of game addiction; some addicts play five to ten hours a day! Another negative is some people argue that video game violence changes the behavior of people and makes them violent. Video games over all have positive and negative effects on today’s society.

We see video games everywhere, hand held game boys, consoles, computers, even on cell phones! Whatever the impact of the video game era has done, it has changed America dramatically and we have just scratched the surface. Many things have changed like the American culture, economically, socially, and had a great effect on the society of America positively and negatively.

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Video game violence
Game stop-Many jobs have been created
Many jobs have been created
Graph showing the rapid growth of the video game industry compared to the Music and Movie industry

My brother playing video games with his friends
Amazing graphics compared to 2D graphics

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