Portable Music Players

The Sony Walkman was “the first device that enabled customers to take their recorded music with them.” The Walkman started the long list of portable music players to come, and also created a new way people would listen to music for years to come.

Positive Effects

The positive effects of portable music are many. Portable music devices allow anyone to listen to music while they travel, study, workout, or basically do any activity. The Walkman was actually invented so that Sony co-chairman Akio Morita would be able to listen to operas during his frequent transpacific plane trips. These devices are also private, allowing anyone to listen to music without bothering other people around them. With the newest models of mp3 players, such as Microsoft’s Zune, people are able to browse and listen to music wirelessly through marketplace subscriptions and are also able to purchase music wirelessly. This allows people to discover more artists and gain a wider taste in music. These devices also are now able to record and store video, store pictures, listen to radio, and transfer files from one device to the next. But despite all the good, a lot of bad comes with.

Negative Effects

The negative effects of portable music can be quite obvious. When someone has headphones in and they’re listening to music, they are often oblivious to their surroundings. This can produce accidents on various levels, from someone simply running into another person, or someone not noticing oncoming traffic and having a collision occur. These devices can also make a person more anti social. Nowadays people are walking by themselves on campus and not paying attention to anyone but themselves. When in social settings these people can be in their own world and miss fun or important events. Another drawback of portable devices is the cost. These items are usually priced from one to three-hundred dollars. These devices usually become obsolete within a few years, leaving the investment almost worthless. Portable music players are also fragile, and easily broken due to their portable nature. They can’t be incredibly durable or they wouldn’t be able to be all that portable.
So there are many pros and cons to portable music players, and whether they are a good or bad thing is all based on opinion. They have changed the way people listen to music dramatically. Fifty years ago nobody would be able to ride their bikes while listening to their favorite songs.

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