Cell phones over the years have massively grown into one of the biggest forms of communication in recent society. Next to personal communication, cell phone communication follows close behind in the most used form of communication. The use of cell phones have grown dramatically since their creation many years ago. Today cell phones are just as common as a pair of jeans. Almost everyone you would meet on the street owns a cell device and almost everyone you meet uses them daily. The features of cell phones not only include verbal communication, with text, picture, and video messaging, the ways of communication are near unlimited with these services.
As with other forms of media, there are negatives. People may depend too much on their cell phones, and with that we can lose human contact that is necessary to have relationships. Even though cell phones make communication more convenient with people, the lack of physical communication can have serious drawbacks. Another danger of using cell phones is one that is very common. Texting while driving. When texting in the driver's seat, the distraction seriously becomes a true hazard on the road, not only for you, but for other drivers.
Cell Phones are a great way of communication, and have in many household already replaced the land line phone. The portability plays a large part in the growth of this medium. The way of communication is endless in this channel as we can subscribe to text subscriptions, check the weather on the mobile web, or call mom for a ride home. Cell phones will only get bigger, and i don't believe that any other invention will come as close in success to the cell phone.